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From the Vitamin C Foundation forum:

I started reading Dolev's wonderful book yesterday, and it is probably unwise to write a review yet ( I have only read to the middle of Chapter 3). However, I already know that this is a book I want all members of my family to read. It would be wonderful if every physician read this book. The health of all peoples would improve if everyone might read it! We discuss supplements at this forum, and while Dolev's book probably gets to this subject, so far, his book is about food. And it is an education. It provides amazing facts and arguments about the food we eat. Why modern food does not, no, cannot provide for optimum health.

Yesterday, I happened to be taking my son for a tooth cleaning (no cavities!) at our holistic dentist, and I started reading the book in the waiting room. The dentist asked me about the book, and it turns out that her conversion to holistic dentistry prompted her to read (or came after she read) Weston Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. So it is a small world. Great, great job Dolev!  

a work of courage; of wisdom  & conviction as well as a desire to heal and to help others - look out windmills!!!!!!!! Y.B.
I have to compliment & thank you for your amazing book “Nutrition And Your Child's Soul” – it’s a real eye opener and hopefully, I’ll be able to “save” my children thanks to it. A.E (systems engineer)

I am shaking my head reading your wisdom…
…a very unique book…FGC

Hello Dolev,
 Your book is really good in the information provided. The humor is also good in these times. I gave a book to my
daughter who has three young children. She is an RN and connects with your writing.

From a mother of 8 children:

I bought 3 copies for my children, and I'm not finished buying! A must read! I could not put this book down. I started reading Friday morning, as soon as I opened my eyes and forced myself to stop reading at 12:00, because I had to cook.

Each chapter is fascinating and reads smoothly. The character of Don Quixote is made alive, and Don Quixote's comments are humorous and enlightening. Don Quixote would be proud of the book's mission to bring forth information to help us make intelligent choices. Anyone with an ADHD child should definitely read the chapter called, "The Next Albert Einstein Sits in 4th Grade and He's Stoned".

There are also chapters giving light about Autism ("Save the Children"), Depression,Schizophrenia, Down Syndrome, vaccines and much more.

Anyone living in these times should read this informative, humorous and enlightening book! (N.R., mother of 8 children.)

Carol, Thank you for recommending this....the book is fantastic!  I've already learned so much...and will continue to reference this valuable book in the future. E.

When I opened the front cover of your book and saw, "Truth is not decided by majority vote," I was already hooked. Your sense of humor adds a lot to the book; I couldn't believe when I read your thought about writing a comedy routine about all this stuff- I say that all the time and have actually made up little skits at times just to amuse myself.

I love what you say about fluoride, vaccines, the benefits of real foods, and your attitude about questioning the information that is served to us. I love your footnotes and the subtle (and sometimes blatant) sarcasm that accompanies your writing. I'm pretty sure we would get along well.

So, thank you for your book, and hopefully I will meet you someday. (New Jersey mother)

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