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Have you ever read a book about nutrition that makes you laugh and cry? This one will.
Every day, we are confronted with conflicting opinions about nutrition from many sources. We need basic principles and understanding to guide us in feeding our families. Nutrition and Your Child's Soul: Don Quixote's Heart-Cry provides the necessary foundation in a new and clear way. It is one of those books that will make you say, "Ah. I never thought about it that way before."
In addition to bringing to light cutting-edge nutritional information, Nutrition and Your Child's Soul: Don Quixote's Heart-Cry sometimes reads like a novel, sometimes like a child advocacy plea, and sometimes like inspirational literature. It is a new voice for parents who want the best for their children, facing a world drunk with commercial interests, a world in which the power and importance of nutrition is underestimated even among the most honest and caring practitioners. To heal children's souls, I have directed this book to the souls of parents, and to health professionals ready for some out-of-the-box thinking.
If Don Quixote would ride onto the scene today, he would gallop across the fields with no regard for his personal safety or reputation, tilting at the modern windmills of the medical and commercial establishments, which have their own priorities. Only parents truly have the interests of their loved ones at the top of their list. This book will give you tools of understanding, and inspiration to stand up for your children, to feed them properly, to see them in a new light and to think creatively about their potential.
An old story is told about two stone cutters. When asked what he was doing, one said, "I'm squaring a stone." The other said, "I'm building a beautiful cathedral!" He saw the importance of his work in a broader sense. One day, while writing this book, I realized, "I am not just writing a book, I am saving children."
Nutrition and Your Child's Soul: Don Quixote's Heart-Cry is a wake-up call.

Part One: The Heart of Nutrition
 and It's Incredible Importance in Your Child's Life
1.     Modern Man, "The Wise": Lessons from Teeth
2.     How Much Food is in Your Food?
3.     The Two Faces of Malnutrition
4.     Breakfast
5.     FNOBC (Faulty Nutrition of Brain Cells)
6.     Vitamin L
7.     In the Beginning: Pregnancy, Birth and Nursing
Part Two: Special Situations – Saving Children
8.     ADHD: The Next Albert Einstein Sits in 4th Grade and He's Stoned
9.     The Shattered: Schizophrenia
10.   The Lost: Depression, Etc.
11.   Down Syndrome
12.   Autism is Treatable!!! Save the Children!!!
Part Three: The Good, the Ugly and Some Myth Busting
13.   The Good: Special foods and nutrients
14.   Living in a Nutritional Mine Field
15.   Your Child's Soul and 1,501,430,636,556,496,585,414
16.   Fluoridation Farcification
17.  Illusions                                                                                       
I.     The Adventure of Don Quixote and the Windmills - Cervantes
II.    Letter from Dr. Warren Levin to President Obama
III.   Can Our Children Handle This???
IV.   Recommended books and websites

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